Roman Religion

From the beginning, roman religion was polytheistic that a large array of gods and spirits. Eventually, all the gods will be washed away and they will be replaced by christianity. 

This is portrayed during the sacrifice. If her hands were not fallen off, there would be a knife in her hand because she was sacrificing an animal. This is important because sacrifice was crucial in roman religion.
Isis, the Egyptian goddess is depicted in this sculpture. she was the ancient goddess who had an authority to possess the strength to offer people a better afterlife.
This armor was made of crocodile skin and was worshipped as a god. They believed that whoever wear this would take on the spirit of the deity.
This revealed evidence of a religious rite which was in use from Neolithic times to the early medieval period.
This depicts the statue of god Bes in Egypt. Although he was not a primary god, he was venerated in popular religion. In addition, he was a god of war.
This is a statue of the supreme god at Olympia, Zeus which is forty-foot tall covered with gold and ivory. He is seated on the golden throne which shows his great authority over the god of Olympia.
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