for the love of music

This Art Exhibition is full of the love and passion for music. Music it what awakens the soul puts feelings in our everyday lives that nothing else has the power to do. The sound of music can change feelings and thoughts about everything. These paintings are put together to resemble that feeling, how music can bring people together and how music can change the feelings and acts that we do. 

I truly LOVE this piece! While the man and woman at the piano have created music it has created a spark and lead to a kiss. While the man on the chair is in pure relaxation. Music really does change the way we feel, and in this piece the art is showing us that it has created mellow and romantic vibes.
This painting resembles to me the practice and hard work that is put into creating what we call music. It is also bringing together two people to create one thing. I chose this piece because it is resembling what music can do, it can bring together complete opposites and yet they can both find the love to produce music.
This art can speak loudly to you the more you read it. Although these women are what seems to be "trapped" inside of one enclosed room they are making the best of it. Playing music is one of the ways they cope. Which is why i chose this piece. It is showing that although they are trapped and confined that happiness can still be made with the love of music.
I chose this piece because i loved that every person had an instrument and was playing it. Four people gathered together to bring life to the music.
This piece stood out to me because of the dog sitting there and enjoying the music along with the humans. The young girl playing the harp especially caught my eye because she is dressed so "fancily" as for the woman playing the piano we can hardly see. This piece looks like it is set to be in a home with the family and young pup all interacting with one another in music.
I chose this piece of art because when I look at this piece it leads me to believe that the man leaned on the wall has just finished a hard day of work or something like so all while passing this group if men creating music. He stopped to listen to this music and it put a lovely grin on his face.
This piece is very different from the rest that I have chosen, this piece is the only one where there is someone creating music by themselves. This piece goes so deep though I couldn't pass it up. The young woman is alone and playing music all while her cat is in the window sill listening. She has two faces and it can only lead me to believe the music she is playing is making her feel one way while she is another. She's alone and blue.
This piece is so joyous! A small family is gathered around, father, mother, daughter, and of coarse the dog. While the father is playing on his guitar the young daughter is joyously dancing to his tunes while the mother sits back and enjoys.
Credits: All media
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