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This image demonstrates atmospheric perspective. The moon creates a long reflection in the water and the size of the moon and rocks gives the impression of their distance.
This image shows low contrast. Most of the colors in this painting range on the darker side of the value scale. The boats, the clouds and the water are the darkest in the painting.
This image clearly shows volumetric value. The shadows casted by the couch and the thickness of the back of the couch give the impression that the couch is a three dimensional figure.
This image is a clear representation of cast shadow. There is obviously a light source hitting the bird which causes a shadow to be casted on the wall to the right of the bird.
Here on can see attached shadows. Parts of the man's face are darker than the others which gives the viewer an impression that there might be something in front of him giving him that shadow.
The following image shows high contrast. It is a well balanced image of all colors on the value scale. White is seen in the top of the artwork and black is shown at the bottom right.
This is a good example of Value Scale. In the painting there are many colors and tints that allow all shades of the value scale to be seen. There is a white horse, grey water, and black grass.
This image is unbalanced value distribution. It has different shades of grey and blue that placed randomly so the viewer can not get a clear sense of what the image is supposed to be.
This a great example of Chiaroscuro. In the image a light is casted on one particular spot which allows one man to be fully seen and the rest of the people just sort of fade to the back.
This is an example of balanced distribution. There are different value ranges within the painting. The darkness of the people and buildings in defined enough that we can still tell what they are.
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