Unknown Transparency

This is my gallery that has a theme incorporated with glass at the medium and unknown artists. What makes this exhibition cohesive is its theme that matches every work of art, yet still adds diversity from each piece.

This a tea pot made of glass with an indigo blue hint. I think that the artist did a beautiful job with the texture of the handle and long stout of the tea pot 
This is the shape of a boat, with a clear transparency to it, which I love. The artist used some hues to delicately trace the tips of each element on the boat with its peaks. It's moderation of color and overall transparency is very beautifully designed. 
This is glass-blown flask, which I found particularly unusual. It's flat and the handles seem unnecessary, so its purpose is intriguing. The artist used a yellow tone the belly of the flask, possibly to hide the color of the liquors. 
This is one of the few items in my collection that isn't clear. What really drew me to it was the delicate bow around the neck. It seems so feminine, it makes me really want to identify the artist more. I love the curiosity that this work of art brings me, 
The history of these jars seem to be made from Jewish people which gives me an indicator of the artist. The artist also really believes in wrapping around the jars and bottles to make cyclical theme. 
This free-blown glass has an amber feel to it with embers. The yellow in the middle is a great high light that makes the case look like its lit. 
Credits: All media
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