Gallery Of Line, Malak Abdalla.

Art, Period 3.

This painting has horizontal and vertical lines, it showed feelings and calm of the picture, thin lines to make the painting more harmony.
This painting has different types, like thin lines showed the details of the rabbit's hair, and showed the texture of it such as smooth. and showed different colors. Horizontal lines.
different lines such as vertical and horizontal lines that shows happiness and comfortable emotions. it shows a smooth soft texture with different colors.
This painting shows diagonal lines in different spots of it, it shows the comfort of the painting and have thick lines which shows strength and power. And also shows smooth texture.
spares lines that gave the drawing a comfortable or soft texture. They're scattered all together, and adding different values of colors made it amazing while looking at.
I can see some horizontal lines at the top and bottom, and some focused lines to show details like the rough texture for rocks, and colors added to the painting, like it showed the nature clearly.
Thick and thin lines were used at this painting. some were used to show the outline of the person (Thick lines), and showed the movement, but thin lines were shown at the background to not affect the beauty of the painting.
concentration lines were used at this painting to show the difference between densities such as water and the moss (alga) which is really important in painting to show little details and there is some curved lines to show the shining of the water.
vertical lines were used to show the standing direction of the "male figure." Those kinds of lines show the strength and power of the painting, also some little thin lines were used to show some details such as the shadow.
Horizontal, vertical and diagonal lines to show the different dimensions of this pyramid, even to show the base that is holding it. Also thick lines were used to show the weigh of the pyramid (heavy).
Actual lines such as horizontal and vertical and a little curved to close the mirror's outline, and different values of colors and a smooth texture, that may shows the person's emotions as happy or comfortable.
it shows thin and light lines that shows messed ideas (not specific feeling), some curved thin lines that show weakness and disability, about intersecting lines, it shows anger and sadness.
There is light lines that shows weakness. the curved lines on the left shows happiness and cheerful emotions. The opposite is at the right shows sadness and depressed emotions.
Credits: All media
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