Hieronymus Bosch

By Samantha Kocen and Thomas Creeden

This picture is one of Bosch's most famous works. It depicts an old man on his death bed, surrounded by the demons of his life, which symbolize things like greed.
Another one of Bosch's most famous pieces of art, and it shows a bunch of scenes from the bible including the story of Adam and Eve. Most of his religious works resemble this extravagant style.
Like the last painting, this one shows a detailed depiction of Heaven, Earth, and Hell. The few people in Heaven show how full of sin the earth is, and Hell is full of weird punishments for said sins.
This painting isn't as crazy as the last two, but the detail still shows Bosch's style and religious themes, as well as eye for detail.
This one contrasts to all the crazy paintings, but it still has his religious themes as well as bright colors and perspective. It also shows vivid characterization.
Credits: All media
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