Romantic and Realist European ArtWork

Aaron Higgins, Period 5R

The following picture shows the true, disheveld landscape within European agrarian society - dirty, yet buccolic.
The piece makes use of general, rather than strong lighting, as a means of showing the whole picture as a focus. This acts to protray the average day on a market, and not a especial event.
A true protrayl of barren Scandanavia, and not an idyllic representation of its often fractured kingdoms.
The general lighting reveals a common, placid face as would befit an average serving girl - unadorned with romanticlly-based, rich clothing.
Exemplifies the heroic struggle of the shipwrecked crew during the zentih of their toils, while hard waves amplify a specified source of lighting.
A general natural landscape, made more idyllic by the use of a hazy fawn in the background, contrasting the sharp lines of the trees under darkness.
A purely fantastical depiction of the legendary monument, made even more brilliant by the hard, dark brush strokes which adorn the sky.
A strong lighting centers the view upon the castle, made to appear pristine above the darkened landscape - while in truth, it would likely be broken down and ruinous.
Credits: All media
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