why were the bolsheviks successful?

the bolshevik take over of russia 1917 was one of the smartest take overs in history.

Lenin's importance during the 1917 take-over was exponential. With the aid of Trotsky, a brilliant public speaker, he became the definitive face of the Bolshevik party.
Lenin used catchy yet simple slogans to convey there ideals and principles, as well as simplistic propaganda posters.
Trotsky was the main brains behind the revolution. He organised and created the military revolutionary committee which played a vital role on the 24th of October take-over.
Trotsky was a key speaker for the revolution, gaining many loyal supports.
Stalin was a quiet member of the Bolshevik party. He became Lenin's right-hand man. He was also the editor of the Bolshevik-run magazine, the Pravda.
Although Stalin did not help in the revolution, in a considerable amount, he was helpful to Stalin in the creation and the overall ruling.
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