Colors and emotions

Emily Aguilar

In this piece it looks like the artist is using the color green to show the emotion of Envy. The stare that she gives looks so envious of what is in front of her.
With the use of reds and blues in this painting. To me, it shows chaos and neutral. The reds being chaos and the blues being neutral. That in mind, its saying you can't have chaos without neutral.
With the colors in this painting it shows the innovation that occurs in our world. The character in the center with the two faces show the good that is to come and also the bad that might come.
For one, I love foxes. In this piece it shows the majestic and the mischievous that foxes can be. The use of color and the pattern of the color can easily show that.
The use of color in this piece shows peace and tranquility. The freedom of nature with the calming blues.
From what I see in this piece is that the character in the center is being engulfed in darkness with hits of light. It's like saying that even in toughest times there will always be light.
This piece has a sense of serenity at the shrine. The bright colors makes it feel like its a calming area.
This one is just adorable. You can see the happiness in the piece. The white that is surrounding the child just shows innocence.
With the use of the green and that brush strokes show the sense of wonderment and adventure.
From the colors the piece looks like it is showing the time of twilight. The white bunny looks like it is sensing that the darkness is coming.
This piece I found very interesting. On one side you can tell, from the colors, that the outside world is scary. The other showing that home is loving and inviting.
The blues in this piece seem inviting and calming. Like you can sit by that window and read your favorite book and feel at ease.
Using dark colors on the birds almost brings mystery to this piece. You don't know what they are plotting.
I love the illusion of stained glass in this one. The colors show dimension. To be honest I really thought it was stained glass.
To me the artist is giving their own take on yin and yang. You are able to see that from the changes from darkness to light.
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