Art Exhibit A

Things I believe that have connection through their first appearance.

This piece I added reminded me of point perspective, where all my attention is directed to the center of the painting.
To me this baroque painting has a sudden erg of emergency without the look of panic.
This photo reminds me of prayer. I love the color is his robe. it captures my attention.
I choose this painting because of the Black armor and its connection with my theme of dark paintings. I love the setting of the crusade.
Three Musketeer. This baroque painting is another event taking place in a dark setting where as chaos is not the focus point of this painting.
The color in this painting is unlike the other in my collection. Each flower has its own distinct pattern and flow. To me the flowers would seem to radiate from their positions.
In this painting the texture of the the cliffs are loud and captivating. in comparison to the figure in the yellow robe, the are more defined and most attractive.
The story told of the classic depiction of Laocoon, one of my favorite pieces , is still captured in a painting done with the added background of possibly the times of classical living.
This piece reminded me of Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Mans Chest, A seen of the trade off of life for a heart.
Two sides of a coin. This painting to me proves of a light and dark side of man's ideal of heaven. See the two women capturing this moment in what looks like a drawing.
Like looking through a window. I added this painting because I saw this women that look to be running from something that has not yet entered into the view of the window.
The theme of this paint to me is Live. Their is a broken fruit which is everyone of us or so. The other pieces is our differences but all connected to the same vine.
Paradise. A land without humanity. this painting is a land before time. Just peaceful.
After the Garden of Edan. I love the scene. The mountain ridge accents the painting to create depth.
The brick layout has great color which depicts great texture and a believable setting that could actually be a historical geological point of interest.
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