Emphasis/Focal point

Light and contrast are used to draw attention toward the woman standing beside the bed 
Light and contrast are used here as well to bring our eyes to the center of the artwork, but also the way the heads are moved in to create a circular look also brings our attention in 
The contrast between the dark walls of the cave and the light from the end draws attention to the opening
The light reflecting off the water and to the moon with brighter skies from contrast against the mountains brings our focus to the moon 
The contrast of the brighter moon and waterfall allow us to focus towards the moon/waterfall 
The line from the arrow, leg, and arm all direct our gaze to the upper right of this figure
The line from the mans feet and the contrast and light color of the fire draw us in and down towards the flame
The color of the blue walkway along with the light from the opening, and the line away from us draw us to look towards the opening 
The shadows, lines and contrast bring our focus to the small child 
The drastic contrast and tints take our focus toward the horse and buggy 
Credits: All media
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