DR.Broughton Shape Gallery 

This piece of art is representing positive and negative shapes. The brighter colors on the images or people are the positive shapes. The light blue background is the negative shape.
This piece of art represents rectilinear shapes. The shape of the houses straight lines and angular corners.
This art represents curvilinear shapes. There is a continuous pattern of wavy lines. There is a pattern of two separate shapes in the same directions.
This piece of art is representing geometric shapes. There are mathematical consistent shapes with straight lines. The artist inputs this element to city life due-to architecture involved in building.
This artist represents organic shapes in this piece. The swirl creates unpredictable energy because it creates an illusion.
The trees and mountains create pure forms due-to them just being there. There are many different shapes in this piece because the various real features. The artist represents organic shapes with this.
This piece looks like a christening of a baby by a priest and his/her family. The artist portrays a real event, creating representational shapes
This piece of art is abstract by the transformation of the shapes.As the shape goes on with its pattern it reduces the original source.
In this piece of art the artist uses high definition. Some of the rocks seem closer than others. The rocks that seem farther aren't as clear as the ones that seem close.
The artist captures low definition by using the illusion of the red and clear beads. The shapes and transparencies of the beads creates complexity in the piece, resulting in different interpretations.
Credits: All media
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