Art Project

Women through out history have always played the role of the nurturer. This painting is a perfect example of the mother figure role this women was born to play.
The Japanese still to this day have strict gender roles. This painting combined with the following painting are good representations of gender roles.
Where the male role would be to tend to the land and do more of the manual work, this women is portrayed as a more relaxed and calm role.
I choose this painting because it seems to portray gender roles in a different manner. She appears to be in the middle of battle.
I choose this picture to place in the gallery because it is closer to what we are seeing today, it also is not a painting but an actual picture .
This is showing a more talented side of women. A more educated side.
Modern art depicting women as less than. Women are portrayed as less of a mother role and more of a ****** object.
Credits: All media
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