Renaissance Art

By: Nicole Teola

The texture of the painting grabbed my attention because you can see every stroke Van Gogh made.I was drawn to the two figures because it is not normal to see people in the middle of the woods. Renaissance aspects include color and motion. This picture is not religious, either.
The eyes in this picture grabbed my attention. It looks like she is a stubborn royal and is extremely bored.The hair grabbed my attention because Da Vinci painted it while including every small detail.This painting is not religious, there is a backround, and it is not a medieval painting, because her dress would be up to her neck.
The backround of this painting grabbed my attention because there are so many anglels/babies by the cross. The color also grabbed my attention because there is one focal point where the cross and the bright color is. This is Renaissance painting because the angels are nude and there is color and motion.
The hair of the woman grabbed my attention because it looks unrealistic and a little like plastic. Also, the floor grabbed my attention because the two angels look bored and the people look like they are on a cloud. This painting is from the Renaissance because the angels are nude, there is color, and there is some motion.
Credits: All media
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