Art Elements

Line- This painting represents line because it has a circular shape along the outside which is defined by a single line.
Organic Shape- This represents organic shape because it is a picture of flowers and flowers are not any ordinary shape. They are completely random in their shape and size.
Form- This represents form because this castle like structure has height, width, and depth. With this structure you can also walk around it, above it, or enter it.
Value- This represents value because towards the left the painting is much lighter than it is on the right and it gradually gets darker and darker.
Negative Space- This represents negative space because the majority of the painting focuses around the objects in this case the water around the boats.
Positive Space- This represents positive space because it mainly focuses on the two people front and center in the painting.
Texture- This painting represents texture because he can see the ripple affects in the water and the unevenness of the grass on the ground.
Geometric Shape- This a perfect example of geometric shape because there are squares and triangles within the picture.
Color- This represents color because there are multiple hues in the painting which include the color red and yellow just to name a few.
Credits: All media
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