Women Monarchs

Paintings of the past. Powerful and famous female monarchs. They were powerful women in a world dominated by men.

Queen of Scotland. She fought against the English to recover Scottish territory while keeping the peace with France.
Queen of England. She was the daughter of Henry VIII and Anna Boleyn. She was powerful, intelligent, and strong. She was revered as divine.
She was extremely Catholic but rejected the massacre of Protestants. She dedicated to charitable and pious work.
She converted to Roman Catholicism. She was a protector of many artists and art projects. She was buried in the Vatican grotto.
Empress of Habsburg. She was a member of the Enlightenment. She promoted education, liberal politics, and many social changes.
Queen of Russia. She established the security police, which she used to intimidate and terrorize anyone that opposed her and her policies.
Catherine the Great, queen of Russia. She expanded the Russian empire by conquest and diplomacy. She was the longest ruling female leader of Russia.
Queen of France. She was seen as frivolous and promiscuous. She was executed in the guillotine during the French Revolution.
She ruled longer than any British monarchs. Her reign is called the Victorian era and it was a period of industrial, cultural, political, scientific, and military change.
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