Elements of Art

I have neither given nor received unauthorized aid on this work. Maddie Smith

The lines are precise and crisp. They are thin throughout the whole artwork. There are lighter and darker lines creating values.
The shapes are very large and take up most of the paper. They are geometrical. The shapes edges are also straight making it regular.
The texture is soft and furry. The skeleton appears to be matte. It is smooth, but not glossy.
The form of this painting is 3-D. The artist did a good job using foreground, middle ground, and background. She makes the objects in the front larger and the ones in the back smaller, creating depth.
The value of the trees is darker than the sky. I would say the trees are about a 7 and the sky is about a 3 on the value scale. The mood seems serious and solemn based on the amount of darker values used.
The colors are dull and create a calming effect. The artist used a variety of colors in the flowers on the lily pads. The artist also used blues and greens for the water.
The space is evident due to the large amount of volume and emptiness in the room. The artist makes the trees in the background smaller to create depth. The artist also used framing by only showing some of the room.
Credits: All media
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