Cuban Emigres

By: Jacqueline Schultz

This is Che Guevara smoking a Cuban cigar. Key West pre-revolution had many cigar factories. Cigars demonstrate a huge part of both Cuban culture and business.
First wave of immigrants,1959-1961. This image displays a group of the refugees at a conference in Miami.
Operation Pedro Pan smuggled 14,000 kids out of Cuba. They didn't bring any belongings with them and many never saw their families again. It's interesting to consider the effects that this program had.
Second wave of immigration, 1965-1973
Miami's Freedom Tower where about half a million Cubans were processed and registered. This structure symbolized the new Miami.
Little Havana was the heart of the Freedom Tower. With a large Cuban population in one area, it is understandable that the city would conform to the norms of the poeple living there.
Third wave of immigration took place in 1980. Al Pacino became the face of this group, called Marielitos, with his character, Tony Montana, in the movie "Scarface".
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