Street art statements

Angel Magaña

This fits into my theme of street art with statements because it comments on the separation between different cultures and how other are more privileged.
This makes a statement on women being stereotyped as being one thing. Women are more than they look and are deserving of equality.
People deserve to love whomever they want because it is there personal choice. This image shares that. It shows how people shouldn't be afraid to pursue their love.
This is an art piece that is subjective but it still is meant to make a statement. It brings the view to look into their own personal lives and rise up against any challenges.
This is a very subtle statement about isolation. It has a boy alone, but to add to the effect it is on an isolated wall as well.
The statement is in words, but you need to put thought into the meaning. The statement here in my interpretation is, life is temporary. A subjective statement with this piece but still a statement.
This is another statement on women. They are more than what people say they are. They are strong and can do just as much as any man, sometimes more.
This illustrates how many people can be controlled by one power figure which causes corruption.
The piece is the image here. I thought this fit because it made a statement no a community coming together to make something great.
I feel like this image makes a statement that can be objective and subjective at the same time depending on your life and perspective. I see it as it being two things; surrender or patriotic.
Credits: All media
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