the death of socrates

                                             The Death Of Socrates By the Author Jacques Louis David In the photo you can see different lines The contour lines showing the outline of the people and the gestural lines showing movementLooking at the photo you see many different figures showing different emotions.If you look at the photo it sadness,pain,confusion.Based on the people around the main character on the bed.It seems as if there was something going on that had them all in a state of shock you have the man in the burnt orange that is standing holding out the cup with his right had and his left had on his head as if he was not at peace with whats going on.You also have the man in the brown  that is sitting by his bed side rubbing his leg as if he is confronting him based on the situation.Then you the guy in the blue and yellow that have his hands in his palms as if he is crying .Then the guy in the brown and blue have his hands through up in the air as if he is in total shocked and more or less questioning the situation.Then you have the gentleman in the yellow that is scratching his head as if he is confused or thinking.The there is two lady's that seem to be confronting the gentlemen.Then the gentleman in the grey that is setting at the foot of the bed as if he is sad or thinking.You also have the person in the grey and blue that is laying on the wall shown confusion or maybe even sadness.Then there is the people in the back that looks as if they are have a conversation about the situation. This photo is a two dimensional form. The texture of this photo vary     from curly, wavy ,and straight hair.The photo create a sense of depth.The photo has asymmetrical balance.The painter uses different light sources that create contrast in the photo. The dark and light sources causes your eyes to the focal point in the photo.This picture shows no rythem or pattern.The colors the lines and the value gives the photo unity as well.The picture depicts a naturalistic and realistic aspect.  

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