Google art project- Grace Thompson

Line- Your eyes move through the photograph making the circles seem as if they were in a line.
Form- You can tell this is form because the shadows and highlights show that it is 3-d.
Shape- This is an implied shape of a circle because the people are in a circle but nothing it connecting them and we still perceive them as being in one shape.
Texture- This is implied uniform texture because we can't actually feel the texture of the ground through the photograph and it forms a pattern within itself.
Color- This is a picture with complimentary colors in it which makes the figure stand out more.
Value- This is a low key picture with some high contrast lighting within it.
Space- This photograph shows depth of field from the perspective of someone standing on the sidewalk.
Line- The geometric lines in the drawing show the shapes of birds and flowers.
Variety- The eye is drawn to paintings like this because of the varying colors and shapes.
Unity- In the drawing all of the tables are going in the same direction and are the same shapes which makes them look unified.
Pattern- The reflection of the light on the wall from the figure in the center creates a pattern on the wall.
Movement- The photograph makes it seem like the man is actually moving when it is just a still photo.
Emphasis- The hat is the biggest part and you can clearly tell it is the focus in the photo.
Balance- The drawing of the staircase is symmetrical on both sides making it seem balanced.
Proportion- The man standing next to the statue shows the size difference between the two.
Shape- The organic shapes in the drawing create geometric shapes within it.
Color- The painting is all one hue of the color wheel but it uses different values to show contrast.
Texture- This photograph of the plaque shows implied texture because we can't actually feel it through the photo.
Space- In the photo you can see a path going further away from where the view point is which creates space.
Value- This painting is high key but low contrast because most of it is white.
Form- The sphere in the photo is a real geometric shape.
Credits: All media
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