Colors of a woman's life- Hayley Hunter

This gallery includes characteristics of life portrayed by pieces that represent the vibrancy, structure, simplicity, and unique qualities of the journey in which a young woman takes in identifying who she is through pieces of art.

From Lines portrays the almost blank canvas that life gives you. By having a small abundance of color, in this case blue, you can begin to create what you want by how you deem fit. A little inspiration is all you need.
Spring Garden is given to represent the simple image of a woman in her innocence. As she begins to figure out her own identity, the simplicity of fragrant colors shows that she has not yet found her way out of the rural world.
The Bedroom is a piece that shows the location of where a woman finds her comfort. By having a place she can always go to, it gives the sense of security. It can have the identity you choose, because a bedroom is one of the first places you personally design.
Roses, Convolvulus, Poppies, and Other Flowers in an Urn on a Stone Ledge portrays a woman's inner detailed interests. Flowers are loved by most woman, and by having several different types, it creates the image of romantic colors and the feeling as well.
7.16.08 is a vibrant representation of how a young woman feels when she starts to find her way in life. The wings depict the source of feeling free enough to fly, but yet decides to sit patiently. The crown of flowers gives the view in which she is still a child at heart.
Head Stone is an excellent definition of what goes on in a woman's head as she is figuring out where she belongs in the world. By having the mind set up as a geometrical house, it gives the impression that the mind is thinking in an organized way as levels. Head strong would be another appropriate interpretation.
Anxiety, Nova York, NY. United States of America has a serious impact on all who see it. Most woman go through some kind of anxiety and can't even begin to express how it makes them feel. By having this picture of a woman who is holding her own throat, it depicts the presence of insecurity and weakness of trying to continue on in life.
Latin America Grand Final is a strong portrayal of a woman going out and letting go. By the colors and angles of the lines, it gives impact of movement. Going out for the night is a stress reliever that every woman needs at some point, and what could be more perfect than dancing.
Undergrowth with Two Figures is the one piece that shows what every woman wants in life, which is to find true love. This piece gives a sense of harmony within the couple grazing through the forest. The natural effects help with the feeling of solace with the one person you need and want.
View of QPAC at Night is the perfect ending to the perfect life. By having the structure of a perfect view, it gives the feeling of knowing that the journey you went through was all worth it. The skyline, the lights, the buildings, and the water all create an image that is never to be forgotten.
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