The Emotional power of color

Color is a huge part of the way a certain piece of art makes us feel and can effect what we see as well. Color is an incredible tool an artist can use to depict certain emotions and ideas.

The red gives this piece a feeling of passion but there's also a darkness to it, which comes out through the blacks and the general darkness of the red.
I really like this piece because it looks like it could be several things, and the colors can change the emotion of the different things you can see within the painting.
The dark grey's give an oppressive feeling, but the slight blue and lighter colors near the center give it a feeling of slight hope.
I choose this painting because the colors work really well together and depending on what portion of the painting you look at, it gives different feelings.
I really liked the use of oranges in this painting. It gives a feeling of power and chaos but it also feels calm to me. It's well balanced in its use of colors.
The combination of blues and oranges in this painting give it a smokey and calm, spooky and powerful feeling.
The movement of the brushstrokes has a large effect on the emotion of this image, but the colors that accompany it help to really bring out the full emotional effect of the painting.
The colors in this were much different from a lot of the other paintings in this gallery. It was very bright and colorful and evoked a feeling of calm but with a slight sense of distress.
This painting is very dark and gives a feeling of depression with a "light at the end of the tunnel," (the city). It's a very small, faint, and distant light thought, overwhelmed by the darkness.
The colors in this painting give it a very dirty, oppressed, and scary feeling.
The blues, whites and bashes combine to make a very neutral feeling image.
The colors in this painting are very realistic and capture something that appears real. It uses natural colors very effectively to make you feel calm like you are actually watching a sunrise.
The emotion from this piece has a lot to do with the lines and shapes, but the use of black and greyish blues make this piece feel very chaotic and evil.
There are many bright and dark colors throughout this image, which adds to the trippy and unnatural images being depicted.
Each head has its own color scheme and gives it a individual emotion. Even the heads that are repeated have different colors, which give them a different emotion.
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