My*Museum of Cycladic Art

my first exploration into the google art project... happened to land on the Museum of Cycladic Art, and became mesmerized by these forms, colors, essence, and even whimsy. this is simply my selected favorites as i came across them, with my minimalist comments, often gleaned from the object's detail page. *enjoy!*

pre glass-blowing
marble *joy*
bronze, greek
final goodbye
amazing finish, bronze water jug
look at the date! amazing design
fop view graphic, almost reflective
blown glass... like a bird
funny little shape, like a bird
clay, unknown use, images of sun and sea
awesome shape, carved from serpentine stone
sewn onto something else, depicts heroic tale
cool patterns
omg... essence of head
essence of head2
rock crystal... goat "fossil" with "spectacle" eyes
gold decorative band
gold decorative ornament
serene essence form, surface delight
8th c. BC pokey!
picrolite stone figurines
lovely chunky
oooo, the colors! the finish!
mold-pressed glass (not blown)
cool shape, amazing finish
pleasing shape, cool decoration
gestures captured for millennia in the "quills"
delicious colors in the bronze
colors colors
incredibly contemporary
love that they aren't matchy matchy
each bowl has its own pattern
white-slip ware, ibix heads at top
them's some jugs
jug on jug whimsy
war head that is beautiful
timeless elegance
stout indeed, a tankard with attitude
1800 BC gumby!
who's on top?
timeless grace
timeless elegance
blown glass
such natural, simple form
wow! impact!
Credits: All media
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