Sculpted Stories

My name is Dina Coccari and I'm currently taking an Art History class at Full Sail University.  Within this class we have discussed many different art themes, but my overall favorite theme is Marble Statues from Roman Mythology during the Renaissance.  Within this gallery, I will discuss and show pictures of my favorite marble statues from this time period.

This is a bust statue of Marcus Antonius looks like a former full body statue, with only the head left with a missing nose. The nose missing puts a lot of emphasis on the texture of the face.
The Bust of Emperor Caracalla seems to be completely intact in its original sculpt. He has a serious look, staring off into the distance. There's incredible detail in line work of his clothing.
The sculpture of Beatrice Cenci shows a woman lying down, possibly weeping while holding a necklace in her hand. This possible shows that she has recently lost a loved one and is grieving over it.
Puck on a toadstool shows a young boy sitting on a mushroom. This sculpture has incredible detail showing every curl on the boy's head and also every leaf that is around the mushroom that he is on.
This sculpture is a bench that is held up with unique looking creatures; four rams with wings. In certain cultures, the ram is a symbol of Satan. This could signify how the devil was once an angel.
Meleager mythical hunter shows the classic story on a man with his hunting dog; a naked man, his spear for hunting, and his dog who must help. You can tell it is older by the scum on the body.
You can tell that the statue of Satyr Pouring Wine has been through a lot. I'm assuming by the name that it must have been a man pouring some wine, however this only shows a body with no arms or legs
Playing knucklebones is a simple yet very detailed statue. It just shows a young woman playing knucklebones, but you can still see every detail of her hair down to the curves and joints of her feet.
Instead of just one statue, Early Christian Sarcophagus is actually a beautifully detailed stone coffin. The side of the coffin is covered in many different people that may be the dead's loved ones.
This is an interested statue showing a cow with its limbs cut off. The sacrificed cow looks like it is incomplete. The cow is without limbs and is still attached to the marble slab it was created from
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