Use of One point perspective in japanese artworks

The use of one point perspective can be seen by the alignment of the roof and the angle of the street.
I chose this picture because it still uses the one point perspective, but it is a lot more subtle that most.
The vanishing point here is used to give the sense of a level-head point of view
The use of the perspective to the side of the picture is very unique.
Although the vanishing point is partially masked due to the hill on the left, the houses and river clearly go to the same direction.
Clear use of one point perspective that can be seen through the top of the trees and the fences on the sides
The reason I selected this is because of the vanishing point in the middle and the huge amount of detail in a small area.
The wide street in the center in contrast with the narrow but tall buildings that all point towards the vanishing point
I like the really wide street that blends in with the simple and same colored buildings, with the perspective towards the left.
Very squared image, with the flat boat and bridge and the perspective of the wall and buildings towards the vanishing point.
I selected this one because of the use of the curved street contrasting with the linear buildings.
Very obvious one point perspective use with the buildings, the street and the blockades, but the simple and colorful look of it is interesting.
The use of perspective at the center of the canvas give it a nice contrasting look with the division of the buildings in the left with the harbor in the right.
I picked this artwork because of the amount of detail as well as the perspective that can be seen through the monument in the right and the buildings in the back
The angle of the fence, combined with the parallelism to the houses and the street towards the vanishing point down the street.
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