The Loves of Cupid

This gallery is a collection of works which display Venus, the mother of Cupid, and Psyche, the love of Cupid. I chose these works based not only based on how they support the story encompassing all parties but because of the sexuality of the women expressed in these works. In each work, the woman's body is depicted as both a thing of beauty and of sexuality.

In this painting, you can see Cupid caressing his mother and looking into her eyes with love and appreciation. Venus is shown in the nude with a piece of sheer white fabric draped over her vagina. The fabric does not completely hide her sexual nature but draws the eyes attention to it.
Unlike the painting by Titian, Venus is show to be less revealed but still with her right breast exposed. Cupid is there assisting his mother is appreciating her beauty in the mirror.
Vriendt's perspective on mother and child still maintains the level of eye contact and apparent admiration Cupid feels towards his mother Venus. Again, as in the painting by Titian, a sheer fabric is draped over Venus eluding to her sexuality.
Venus sent Cupid to shoot Psyche while she was sleeping so that she would fall in love with the most ugliest thing when she woke. Legros shows Cupid gazing upon Psyche with a sense of longing and adoration. Psyche is shown partially covered with exposed breasts adding to her sexual nature.
Crespi reveals a different side of the couple. Here it appears as if Psyche has fallen for Cupid and is wooing him. In the story of Cupid and Psyche, Cupid is first struck by his own arrow and falls for Psyche. Then , Cupid pokes Psyche with the tip of his arrow and Psyche then lusts for Cupid.
Canova captures the love between the couple in this marble statue. Cupid is shown in a longing embrace with Psyche. The physical bonds of love are evident .
The story continues as Venus becomes more jealous of the relationship between Cupid and Psyche not to mention how she feels threatened by Psyche's beauty. Venus lays a trap for Psyche in which a box containing a sleeping potion said by Venus to be a small part of her beauty. Curiosity gets the best of Psyche , she opens the box, and falls into a deep sleep. Even as Psyche is fainting, you can see her feminine lines showing the beauty of a woman's body.
Credits: All media
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