Small is Inspirational

Children have had a very strong impact on art. My gallery focuses on children, young and old, and how they have made appearances in many different pieces of art.

This portrait is very life like in ****** features and the setting the child is sitting in. When I first saw this picture I thought it was a photograph . I am in awe of the way paintings can look so real and this is a great example of that. I chose this specifically for my gallery because it contains just one child and that is the only focus.
This painting is interesting because it seems to have followed a colour theme of orange and I believe this is unintentional. I like the way the man is so much taller and dominant compared to the women and children because this is how they thought things were in the 1600s.
This painting is very emotional because it shows how much mothers love their children. The artist has made it more delicate by using pastel colours and I believe this adds to the artwork. I chose this picture fo rmy gallery because love is a strong influence on art and I believe this is a different kind, one that is not often shown on canvas.
I LOVE the way Elsie Dalton has added a bit of fun to the painting by using bright colours and having all the children in just their underwear. I added this artwork to my gallery because it contains any different children and ti shows how much fun they have and that fun influences the paintings that they are included in.
I chose this painting for my gallery because it really
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