African american civil rights movement 1955-1968

All of these pictures are of people protesting. They are all protesting about civil rights. The variation between them is that they're all protesting for different rights. 

This was taken during the Civil Rights Movement. These people are Caucasians, they're protesting against African American civil rights. I don't relate to this picture at all. I would've wanted everyone to be treated equally.
This picture was also taken during the Civil Rights Movement. These African Americans are walking in a protest march. If I were an African American I would've done the same thing they did. I wouldn't want to be treated unfairly.
These African Americans and Caucasians are having a march through the neighborhood. They both want a non-segregated neighborhood. They don't want "another negro ghetto." I relate to this because I make friends everywhere I go, and I would want them to be happy.
Rosa Parks had a huge impact on the Civil Rights Movement. On the buses if you're an African American and you are sitting in the front and a white person got on the bus then you would have to give up your seat to them. She refused to do that. I wouldn't give up my seat either. It's first come first served.
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