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This collection of some of the greatest pieces in history is meant to summarize some of our worlds most important battles, and militaries. There are few pieces of artwork that can impact me like military art. Being my family has a military background, these types of art makes me appreciate these men even more. There is little that can impact the world as much as war, and I believe these paintings can truly depict how hard these times were.

There are many emotions that come to mind when I see this piece. Pride is something that immediately comes to mind when I see this painting of these men, and how they truly give everything for their country. These men who are sleeping in the battlefield are showing the true definition of sacrifice, and how much their country and families mean to them.
This painting truly shows the power of Napoleon at this time. Napoleon was truly one of the greatest leaders of his time, and his accomplishments proved that time and time again. He was without a doubt one of France's greatest leaders if not the best. Without knowing who he is, and only judging by the horse and all of the gold and his medals you can conclude that he is a very important person.
This picture depicts one of the most horrific days in American history, Pearl Harbor. My grandfather was there that day, and he said that it was without a doubt the worst day of his life. Many good men lost their lives on this day, and they will always be remembered partially because of this painting.
This French print to me truly shows the struggle of fighting against an army that is considered superior and is much more advanced. When I look at this print I see a much more advanced army on horseback attacking those who are less qualified and are probably not as wealthy. There are very many instances in history where this type of battle has taken place, and there are still these types of unfair battles today.
To me, there is nothing more sad than a military man or woman's funeral. There is nothing more honorable than dying honoring your country, and many people have done this all over the world. With this painting comes the idea that someone gave everything he or she had for their country and is being honored for doing so.
When I look at this painting I see success. You can tell looking at this piece that everyone is happy and enjoying themselves. At this point in history Russia was truly beginning to develop as a military powerhouse. Grigory Chernetsov was trying to depict happiness and joy in these people and trying to get everyone to understand how important this was to them.
The Cavalry used to be one of the most important pieces of a nations army, and this painting truly captures that. Horsemanship is a skill that has been almost lost through the generations and is now a rare skill. These skilled men are some of the best trained horsemen in the country more than likely and were highly respected.
This painting shows one of the saddest days in American history. President Abraham Lincoln was assassinated at the Ford theatre and we lost possibly the greatest president this country has ever had. Lincoln was without a doubt one of this nation's forefathers and an amazing leader. This loss to our country will be forever remembered.
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