element of emphasis

The contrast in the color of the trees draws the viewer directly to them especially the orange trees.
The artists use of darker colors on the outside of this piece and lighter draws the viewer to the path.
The movement of the girls hand and the direction she is looking attracts us to the drawing on the wall.
The Bright red had and gloves emphasizes the girls face.
The direction of the shadows bring attention to the horse, which is at the focal point of the shadow.
The use of distinct color in the sun and concentration of buildings emphasizes the sun.
This picture has no focal point making it difficult to enjoyably look at.
Having an unnatural object in the picture draws particular attention to the shape.
The change in texture and color brings one's eyes to the sail. The vertical lines of the sail draws us down to the person in the boat.
The direction of limbs and the lines of the tutu emphasizes the central ballerina. The other ballerinas are also cropped out of the painting.