Renaissance Art

by: Eleanor Mashkovich

1. I chose this piece of art because I enjoy learning about the anatomy and how the human body functions. This painting portrays a sketch of a human's shoulder and neck in detail. 2. This piece of art is part of the Renaissance because it shows how people advanced their study of anatomy in order to learn more about the human body. This sketch by da Vinci improved people's view of our anatomy
1. I have an interest in this drawing because it has a lot of detail and is very beautiful.I feel as if I can look at this picture for hours without getting bored of looking at it. 2. This is Renaissance art because it is a sketch of a dome from the View of Saint Peter's Rome in the 15th century. This drawing was most likely a representation of an important and beautiful dome used during the Renaissance.
1. I chose this piece of artwork because the man's expression is very interesting. It seems as if he is looking out onto the distance and thinking about his problems. 2. This piece of art portrays Renaissance art because it shows perspective in the background, the man's expression, and shadows in the picture.
1. I enjoyed this piece of art because of its small detail and the action going on in it. 2. This is a piece of Renaissance art because it shows the man's expression, shows perspective of the background, and has a lot of detail. It seems as if there are shadows in the picture even though it is black.
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