I have chosen the theme of motion.  The reason for this is I like the way that movement can be shown even without using video.  When showing motion using a single image, emphasis must be on things that we can interpret into movement.  The way a persons hair looks, stance of objects and other ways help to show motion.  Justin Holsomback.

In this work a group of Indians are moving from one location to another. By looking at the stance of the horse it appears as if it is walking. Also the way the horses neck is stretched is evidence of movement. The next thing is the fringe from the saddles and clothes which is faced the opposite direction.
This is an image showing Indians hunting buffalo. This image shares similarities to the previous (stance, fringe moving), but also the buffalo is moving and as the buffalo and horses are running away it kicks up dust.
This is a massive sandstorm that has began to engulf this plain. The artist uses the curves of multiple lines on the upper part of the painting to show how it is moving over the top of the plain and it will eventually move over everything. The color scheme is very pleasing also.
Although this is not exactly the true translation of this sculpture, I like to imagine that this is a women trying to send a last minute note to someone as the the end of time is near maybe from a natural disaster such as a hurricane. With such a disaster you can imagine how terrible the weather would be and how everything would be flying and falling.
This seems to be a very pleasant place that is about to be hit by a storm. A strong gust of wind blows in, just as the storm is approaching and blows the leaves and limbs of the trees to the right of the trunk showing how the storm is moving in from the left.
This photo is of a actor who is driving his classic Chevrolet. If you were to remove the background and the dog it would appear as a man just sitting in his car. With the background and the dog in the photo, it shows that he is actually driving, by having the background blurred and the dogs fur being blown.
This is my favorite painting of this collection. It is so representational and it shows motion greatly. The rushing water, falling trees, and lack of humans show how the moving water destroyed so much.
This photo of the plane when zoomed in on shows the propeller turning and thrusting it into the wind. And the fact that the plane is still in the air means it is in motion.
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