Christianity through art

The goal of this gallery is to show various artworks of styles and time periods to show different views of Christianity through artworks. 

Unlike other paintings in this gallery, this piece of art is more fantastical in nature. It is a renaissance era piece. It's subject matter is taken from the Book of Revelation.
This fits into my gallery, as a nativity scene is very iconic in the christian religion. The style of this art is less realistic and more idealized.
Adam and Eve were the first two humans ever, as stated in the christian religion so an piece of art relating to them would be necessary for a gallery like this. The original artwork was an engraved piece.
This piece is more medieval gothic art. This includes various figures with halos around their heads, while they are being tortured and hurt.
This is one of the more recent works of art, and one of the more reality based, as opposed to story based. It is done in a more idealized and very much less realistic way.
The is both a painting of Jesus on the cross, but also contains the inclusion of Mary, his mother. It is less idealized and it more realistic in it's nature.
Another piece showing a necessary moment in the Christian religion. It is a more realistic painting which can be contributed to the time the artist spent working on it- twenty years.
This is a very simple, but almost realistic portrayal of Jesus Christ, in that it portrays blood dripping down his forehead.
This painting fits into the gallery very naturally, as the subject matter of the painting is the crucifixion of Jesus. The style of the painting is late renaissance- or more specifically mannerism.
This painting is religious, both in it's subject matter (Saint Francis) but also due to the inclusion of angels in the artwork. It is done in the Renaissance style.
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