Hindu Iconography

It is evident that this statue represents Shiva because of the multiple limbs, as well as what he appears to be holding. A cobra rests on one of his right arms, and he holds a drum rattle, the sound of which was believed to create life. As the "creator and destroyer," these items are very fitting.
Devi, also known as Durga, is seen in this statue with five arms, defeating Mahisha, a demon depicted as a buffalo. Devi holds a sword in one of her hands, symbolizing knowledge, and a discus in another, which destroys evil and creates a righteous environment.
Vishnu is see here with multiple arms, holding objects associated with this diety. In one hand he has a conch, whose sound represents creation.In another he carries a mace, representing mental and physical strength. He is also carrying a discuss, symoblizng the mind.
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