The tale of Lennie and George in Of mice and men by John steinbeck

Docent: Bobby Butcher

Selected Epigraph: "Be kind; for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle." I chose this quote because I feel it really embodies the conflict between Lennie, George, and Curley. Curley always seems to mess with the wrong people, for the wrong reasons.
Setting: This story takes place in the 1920's western ranches and towns. This art piece; while it may be a later decade than the story, resembles what I envisioned the ranch that Lennie and George stay at would look like.
Tone: I feel this piece relfects the tone of the two different protagonists in this book. The balloon on the left relects Lennie's upbeat and posotive attitude, where as the right relects George's worrysome and introverted attiude.
Connections: One text to text connection I made was the book to Kill a Mockingbird because of the setting. A text to self connection I made was about Lennie being a big guy, and a good worker. For the past few years, Ive been the biggest and strongest kid in my family, and have done quite alot of work at my House and river house. A text to world connection I made was about the past, and how the book made obvious connections to the 1920's.
theme: I feel like this piece reflects the tone of Lennie's actions in the book. Whenever Lennie does something, it tends to have lasting reprocussions on the entire story kind of like bowling pins.
Day in the life: This piece represents my character because I feel Lennie is as strong and big as a Redwood giant.
Mandela: I feel this piece represents my protagonist becuase of his love and obsession for rabbits. It also resembles the simplicity of Lennie's Mind, and his basic almost primitive nature. Mandela:
Credits: All media
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