Green Spot

In this gallery we are going to appreciate the color green used in different works with different techniques on a set of different artists.

In this work we can appreciate the different use of a variety of green shades.
Balda has a preference on architectural styles for his paintings. In this one we can appreciate the use of green, white and red expressing the idea of the "lapsed and stopped time"
I liked this picture because it use the different colors in a clean way and with symmetry over the different figures.
In this painting the artist use the nature as his muse, recreating it with colors such as yellow, green and orange. In this work we can see the presence of move on the grass due to the technique used
The story of this work says it describes the emotions of loneliness that Vincent van Gogh was passing by. Expressing his "psychological torment" with the use of strong colors and brushes on it.
This work demonstrates the use of geometrical figures. The artist used photoshop to create an artistic image for different Canadian landscapes using different colors and a "new" technique.
The use of a combination of different colors and figures is what makes this work interesting; the use of big areas on a rhythmical way to give this painting harmony.
In this painting the artist used a variety of colors and sizes of the same figure.
This is a dark/gothic figure that used lines and different shade of green than the rest of the collection.
In this picture the artist shows a different view from a landscape, like its title says "the high pasture" instead of showing the "beautiful" part of the scenery the artist paints what he sees.
In this painting we can appreciate the use of "eat" colors, this is a different work because its not on canvas, this is a painting made on a wall.
This is a painting made by one of my favorites artist, this painting is a tribute to life, and is consider one of the most important Frida Kahlo paintings.
This painting express desolation, we can see the house on the middle of nowhere, it is said that this is not a house for humans, this is a doghouse.
Despite its title "Women with Green Wings" I believe this painting express innocence because of the figures on it that can be considered as angels.
This painting made by a south american artist express the scenery of a 1800's town; the peasants and workers of that century.
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