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This piece utilizes the 3 primary colors of yellow, red, and blue. Different hues of each color creates a spectrum of value to be used in this piece.
This piece utilizes different hues of yellow. Different shades and tints of yellow are used throughout the piece.
The 3 primary colors are utilized in this piece and contrast one another well.
This piece uses many different hues of blue-green. Detail of the piece is portrayed through differences in saturation and value of the color blue-green.
Strong saturation of the colors red-orange and blue accentuate the intensity of the sunset. 
The simple use of the primary colors mirror the simplicity of the piece. The details of the woman's dress are made through different hues of blue.
There is strong saturation of the colors yellow and blue. This saturation increases the intensity of the painting.
The red and blue of the woman's wardrobe are very saturated which evokes a sense of importance. This saturation heightens the beauty of her dress.
There is an intense saturation of the red and blue in this painting. The black silhouettes create a distinct contrast from the rich colors which enriches the beauty of the sunset.
Different hues of blue and orange are used throughout this paint in contrast to smaller amounts of black and white.
Credits: All media
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