The color or art

This gallery is about how color comes to gather to make visually pleasing art pieces. Most of the paintings I have selected does have the color pallet on the side. I will also discuss what color schemes each painting uses.

I picked this painting because it has the colors used in this painting, on the side. I feel it is important top know the colors because brought together they make such a wonderful painting.
I chose this painting because of how the colors come together to make such a elegant, fluffy looking painting. The colors used are mostly cool colors which give that heavenly feel.
This picture was chosen because not only does it have the color scheme on the side but i picked it because most of the colors are shades and times of the same colors, not much variation of color.
This painting uses a balance of bright and dark colors, which work very nicely. The color scheme included shows the variwntion of colors used.
In the painting there isn't a lot of colors used as the others but the composition of this painting is very well done. The color makes everything come together in unity.
This painting is more on the darker side. It used dark color and shades of colors to get the right feeling. As you can tell from the color scheme on the side, there is few bright colors. Wonderful!
This painting is very beautiful. It too is on the darker side but brings the eye to the brighter colors, and the focus of the painting.
This painting be an abstract painting has many colors that bring it all together. The painting really does use almost all the first and secondary colors wether it be a tine or shade of them. Lovely!
I think this is a wonderful piece of art. I love how the red is the main subject and the artist used the yellow to pop it out. Love the use of colors really.
Such a dark wonderful painting. The darkness of the color brings focus on to the three faces which seem to be the main subject. They use very limited colors, wether tint or shade.
Since this is a pop art picture it really only uses five- six colors it seems. The composition is very well done and the colors works very well with this design.
Although this isn't one canvas, the ray of colors and the faces look very nice with the composition. It shows the difference from face to face with different colors. Love how this came out really.
This painting has a very neutral color scheme. Its very skin, natural looking. The colors work very nicely together with the composition. Love how they are used.
Being an abstract painting, there are many colors used. Each shape seems to posses its own color, wether it be a tint or shade of a color already used. The composition works with the colors very well.
I absolutely love this painting. The colors are well done along with the composition. Very natural tone, but looks very nicely done. The artist did a very nice job when depicting this land scape.
These paintings are very nice.Natural colors with a hint of color blasted in the composition. You can easily tell by the colors the artist used, which season is depicted and the feel that was given.
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