Color Gallery

he images provide a description of the different elements.

This is example of complimentary colors. There is yellow and green shown in the table. There is also green in the window or frames on the wall.Theres blue and orange on the wall. There is also purple on the ceiling and red in the women clothes sitting at the table.
This artwork shows warm colors. Theres is a mix of orange red and yellow in the trees.
This image is an example complementary it uses yellow,purple,orange, blue,red,and green.
This artwork shows analogous colors. There are other colors shown but the main focus shows a purple color.The purple also has mixture of blue color.
This image shows cool colors theres a mix of blue purple and green shown in the image.
This painting is an example of primary triadic colors it has blue, red , and yellow. These colors are the three basic colors to mix hues.
This artwork is an example of secondary triadic colors. It shows a focus on the orange purple and green.The trees log have a mix of a brown and purple color.The Top branches have green leaves. The log on the ground has a mix of orange and yellow color.
This image shows an example of monchromatic because it uses different shades of green
This is an example of tertiary triadic colors. Theres is purple, blue, red, orange,green, and yellow. The purple and yellow is shown in the flower, the colors are in the lines.
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