South america

A collection of art from this amazing continent. We wanted to have this theme because we thought it would have a lot of cool artwork. By malcolm, sohl and brunis.

A kid playing sand soccer at Copacabana beach in Rio De Janiero This art fits into our gallery because we are taking things from south america and soccer is very big in countries like Brazil from south america.
The sculptor was designed by geometry. Max Bill used geometry to decide what to do.We like it in our gallery because it is from south america and it is really cool.
an old map of chile and argentina so so nice and tender It fits in our gallery because it is a map of some of the countries we are studying.
An old spearhead was found but no one knew who made it.It is very cultural and ancient because this means a lot to south americans.
argentinian general.This picture fits into our art because of the importance of this man to south america.
Credits: All media
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