Beautiful colors from the streets- Emanuel Centeio

This gallery has a collection of art completed on the streets and building around the world. As you scroll though you will see the way the artist chose to use either vibrant colors or a simple black and white to capture their work. The theme here is to show how colors can bring out the character in any art.

A mural of Bruce Lee in black and white covers graffiti on a side wall. The black is used to show shadows and bring out Bruce Lee's body. There are different shades of grey to bring out his head.
The colors used here make Julius Erving look life like. The black shadow and gray background let Mr.s Irving and his suit stand out. A brilliant use of tans on his suit.
The red background makes the portrait of the female look photographic. The black and whites bring her out. The words are in bold black so they are readable.
Here the artist focus's on greens and blues to show a female sitting on water playing with a boat. The green, blue and black on the water depict the motion in the water.
This artist uses a yellow background. This makes the female in the center stand out. The flowers are painted large in red, pink, blue and purple. The blue eyes and rosy cheek bring her face out.
Many colors are used here. The orange and red blended background bring out the floating islands and the man on a boat. A basket and mushrooms are painted in purple, white, pink and silver.
Pastel colors are used here to bring out the characters. The lizard's body is in a light blue. The face is painted in orange with red. A green shell and a big eyed red fish can be seen on the left.
The turtle is painted in the image of a real sea turtle. The colors on the flippers have browns, yellows and are separated by white. The turtle is in a black circle which makes it appear in 3d.
The artist used black and white to bring out this animal. The different shades help make it look realistic. The artist used the wall as an object and the background for the animal.
The lizard is painted in many shades of black, white and gray. The shades make the scales on the lizard look realistic. The light background brings the lizard out and makes it look 3d.
Credits: All media
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