The Mummy of the future

This gallery includes the Egyptian ways of life including art, sculptures, and tangible items made by the Egypt culture. 

This is a coffin of the Egyptian time, usually holding a mummy inside for safe keeping. Looking closely shows the extreme design and meaning that goes into a coffin for a powerful person.
This is an image of two of the Pyramids was taken by Franklin D. Roosevelt himself. The picture is unique in my eyes due to the vegetation growing around them. Which I feel is not as common today.
The Fifth Plague of Egypt represents dark times of death and despair. The picture shows a horse and two men lying on the ground in the foreground of the picture which shows the death that took place.
This is a sculpture of an Egyptian boat. Something I thought was interesting being that you don't think of Egyptians needing boats. This image shows the skill that was put into the work.
An image of Philae, Egypt. Although done much later than the rest of the gallery, this shows the vast amounts of water that would have been around in the plains of sand we see today.
Mummy's were a common thing in the Egyptian culture, This is a mummy portrait of a young woman.
The Great Pyramid stand in the background of this image with the Great Sphinx standing in front. This image is before the complete excavation of the Sphinx, which I thought was interesting to see.
The Head of a great ruler of Egypt's 18th and largest dynasty, Thutmose III. He reigned 1479–26 bce and never lost a battle, a great figure of the Egyptian power and dedication.
A relief of Ptah holding an Ankh (Religious item) and a Djed (Common symbol in Egyptian mythology).
A Relief of a harpist who is said to be blind. Throughout the art you can also see letters and symbols of the Egyptian people.
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