perspective of Nature - alexander torre

Displaying the beauty within each individual piece of landscape. The color and texture behind nature. 

George French Angas was an English explorer/painter. He emigrated to Australia. In this gorgeous landscape of South Australia, it emphasizes on the water. The different shades on the water help with the balance of the trees. This painting does not seem to have unity. It feels like something is missing. It does not feel complete. The texture brings out a dull look to this painting.
In this painting two people are sitting down along the river. They are looking off into the distance. The two trees next to them seem proportional to the painting. The landscape is plain but a beautiful town off in the distance. It really has a lot of space in the painting. The water helps bring out the depth of the image. The way the color is reflected off the water brings out the islands form in the middle of the painting. The texture of the water seems very smooth and still. This really shows the landscape along with a town to accompany it.
The mountains help bring out a three-dimensional shape. The is a lot of open space in this image. The line down the image is a dirt trail which seems to be a man standing with his dog. The man is out in mother nature while off in the distance you can see what appears to be a town. This image texture for the town is hard to make out. I feel a sense of rhythm with the trail. Really traps my eyes to follow it. The landscape is gorgeous showing the out skirts of town where the woodland hills are.
This painting really shows what is going on in the city. Everyone is gathered around looking in the same direction. This has repetition. The pattern of them all in the same direction. There is a sense of movement with the farm animals. Some people even seem to be in mid walk. There is a lot of variety in this painting. It is very colorful and bright. The color in the clouds brings out that it is a cloud day. Almost feel like it could rain. The painting really makes your eyes move around.
This wonderful painting of the landscape is beautiful. The green color really brings out the growth of the plants. They all look very healthy and untouched by humans. When looking towards the back of the painting you see an open area with bright light. This brings out the color. Gives you a sense that there could be a house or town behind the trees. The trees seem very proportional to the painting.
A family is gathered around an open area. They look like they are having a picnic. The space behind them is very bare. The view from the family is beautiful. It feels like they are on a slight hill. The eyes seem to travel downwards in the painting. The area does not have much trees or growth.
The beautiful landscape of Rome. The coliseum really brings out the flow the image. The people are walking around outside with their cattle. The color in the sky brings out a nice clear day.The image has unity with it. The building really bring out a balance in the image. The texture of the coliseum really has a decay/damaged look.
This painting displays women rinsing themselves off by the water. The texture and shadowing of the mountains really bring out a three-dimensional shape. This adds depth to the painting. The town on top of the mountain seems proportional to the women down below. The color of the sky brings out the sun in the image. This helps tell how bright and sunny the day is.
This painting throws you off a little with the initial shape of it. The proportion of this image seems off to. The animals do not seem to line up with the castle. Though the landscape really brings out the color. Very beautiful to see the mill in the back. The trees help show the dimension of the hills.
The sun is going down over a farm. The color in the sky resemble a sunset. The open space in the image is a farm of lines resembling crops. There is a lot of different vibrate colors in this painting. There is no human presences in this image. The open field/farm sits still in the day. The image does not seem proportional. It does balance out that well with my eyes.
Credits: All media
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