Starting over, and anew

  In life, we start over and begin anew. Joining lives with someone else is what we live and die for. creating something new and destruct something old. Most prevalent in nature, a Cherry Blossom's bloom must come from something old to create something beautiful.                In the world it's just the same old start and stop. It's just what is done with it that matters.                                            In life the stop is the hardest part, but is when we remember the start the most. To start again is the best part to stopping. Starting over and anew, the old must be destructed to create something beautiful again.

I chose this to start because it is the first major start and stop that we will fully remember.
this shows what can come from starting anew
I chose this Artwork because it clearly represents my idea of the fundamental of starting over and beginning anew.
This is the greatest example of stopping. I consider this fine art because there is a idea this portrays completely.
with the idea of starting over and anew, these farmers are using slash and burn to be able to replant seeds for the next season. and again is fine art because it displays my idea of start and stop.
Finally the best part about stopping is beginning anew, which is why I chose this fine art to conclude my idea.
even though this might serve as a craft, I consider it fine art because it portrays another idea that we should be happy and live in the moment which also contain the start and stops of life.
Credits: All media
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