Mca-11 Realism

Realism became an art of life, which modeled real situations, tossing aside old classical and religious subjects. Emerging out of revolutions, realist artists perceived the only valid art subject was a real life being lived. Suffering people who were still humble, conveyed with extreme energy and boldness became the focus.

In this painting we see peasant life, with hardship. These women were probably working the field while their husbands worked in the factories, so that the family could have extra funds in hard times.
This oil on canvas painting has prime examples of perspective and lighting. With each of the individual sheep we can see extreme depth with differences between each sheep's distance. The lighting of the clouds and shadow effect of the shepherd make this painting extremely realistic. Adding to this realism is definitely the job of shepherd paired with the scenery.
In this painting we definitely see the Realistic period, showing an every day couple, doing the every day task of going to work. The accuracy of the clothing and backgrounds really portrays life during this time. The use of the these two people and the faces showing the monotony of their life helps portray a daily life of that time.
In this painting we can see two peasants, most likely married saying their prayer, the angelus. This is extremely realistic as it does not only show the hardship of agriculture through the field, but also in the'r posture and prayer
Again following the realistic trend, is this painting of two lawyers. This event would be quite often, and this portrayal definitely captures the spirit. Even though Daumier's painting technique is not extremely realistic, his events are.
This painting is definitely realistic. Daumier probably sat in on these people actually viewing this, observing everything he could. You can see in the background the detail of the house or establishment Daumier was in. These people's facial reactions are also very realistic, showing emotion and character.
Though the video is not informational, it pairs the lovely music of its time with it. This painting shows one of the most deep reforms, that in motherly love. Parents began to care for children as you see with this mother helping her child. Realism in many ways
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