Life's discord is its harmony

Some people feel the world would be better if we got rid of discord. In other words, get rid of all the imperfections of the world. Okay. lets think for a moment. Imagine the world where everything is perfect. Lets say its Harmony, where imperfection doesn't exist. In other words, Discord. Do you want to live here? In Harmony? Well, if you do sorry to break it to you but you can't. Because if there was no discord in the world, you would not exist. Nothing would because nothing is perfect. The world would be empty. You see? The discord in the world IS its harmony. When you think about it, what are harmony and discord? Two words that in the end have the same meaning. 

I believe this explains society. No one listens so people write how they feel how reality is placed on the shelf of mortality.
Peace and serenity in a state of bliss. No cares in the world.
A quote from the heart
Peace and tranquility
This represents the struggle for humanity in my opinion
The Lord Jesus Christ is always there when you call.
There is still buety in fear
Not everything is what it seems. You may see a rusted building, then you look to your left and see a gentle creature with flaws that make it perfect.
There's color in the darkest strangest places waiting to be found. Find it.
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