Art Princples

By: Reeya Brahmbhatt

Balance- Both sides of this mummy tomb are evenly weighted, being balanced on both sides
Repetition- This art work consist of the same tulip pattern repeating it self.
Contrast- This flower is the point of emphasis away from the rest of the back-round with different colors.
Movement- It this picture the rabbit and beastly rabbit in the motion of running, allowing you to think they are.
Variety- The artist is using on element but different colors and shapes.
Proportion- The boat size is very big compared to the size of the area around it.
Unity- There is a theme to the picture which is a skeleton but only made out of plants like green vines, red leaves, and white flowers.
Emphasis- This photo has one main focus point which is the middle that is dominant over the rest because it stands out more.
Credits: All media
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