This gallery shows a loose chronological review of agricultural mechanics with a focus on the development and implementation of technology over the years. The gallery begins with a focus on the active human component in the growing of crops and concludes with a very brief look at more contemporary (early 1900's most likely) technology.

This piece depicts a group of harvesters reaping wheat. A few are actively engaged in the process while the rest appear to be eating a meal. All appear to be exhausted indicating physically demanding nature of the work.
This piece shows a man threshing some form of grain. He is implementing more advanced technology - a threshing flail and a wagon as depicted.
This piece introduces livestock as a means to crop production. In this case horses are used to pull a plow. It also shows a woman leading the horses as her child plays perhaps indicating that agricultural production was indeed a family affair.
Because this work includes harvesters gathering wheat/grain by hand it seems to revisit the first piece of this gallery wherein the manual labor of farming was emphasized. However, the weather of this piece suggests a happier mood than in the first piece.
Herein livestock are introduced as something to kept and cultivated rather than used as a utility. Furthermore, windmill as a means of agricultural processing is introduces as opposed to animal power.
This piece places the full emphasis on the harvester. It is interesting to note the the device employed here is more advanced than a mere flail (in fact a scythe with catching basket of sorts), but still places heavy demand on then human factor.
Herein the element of a family working together to harvest is revisited. The tools continue to advance in capability.
This piece is rather unique as it introduces a social aspect to the ardor or agricultural work. There can be seen a lad with a stringed instrument wooing the dame to the left. The remaining workers appear to be casually walking back after the completion of a day's work.
While seemingly out of place, this work depicts the large scale implementation of technology to gather and disseminate agricultural product.
This final piece shows the usage of a tractor in agricultural production. This has far reaching technological implications in almost all stages of production from plowing and planting to harvesting, threshing, and perhaps milling.
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