Variety of Compositions 

The point of this gallery is to show how different we all are.  There's so many different art styles. To a simple art piece painted red to a painting with a lot of details is art.  This will show different aspects of composition and hopefully it'll inspire you to explore more art.  

This piece was chosen for the art gallery because it's unique. The colors together complete one another. It's fascinating to see how the artist glue pieces of paper that would create this image.
This art piece was selected for the art gallery because of its scenery. It's interesting to see how the shapes form an outdoor scene. The colors made this scene more alive and bold.
The pattern of this piece is like a green field reaching to the sun. The colors made it feel soft and used nice quality of color. That's the reason why this art piece was chosen for the gallery.
This piece has massive amount of color and imagination. It's a bit exaggerated that it show's an exotic story behind the characters that were drawn within this painting.
This piece was chosen because of its detail and exaggeration. It's random yet fascinating to see these objects climb a ladder when realistically they can't.
This piece was chosen based on it's design and color. You can feel the warmth from the color and see it's beauty through the flower images. What's amazing to see is how the artist interpret people walking and there's actually a story behind it.
Even though this piece was also done by Han, Ki Chang, it was still chosen for this gallery. For this reason is because of it's details within the picture and a love story behind it. The pattern and exaggeration made this picture unique in its own way.
The story the painter is trying to tell within colors was the reason why this piece was chosen. It's nice to see this get together is having a great time. It's not based on facial expression but within color. This makes the painting come more alive and explains the story more thoroughly.
It's amazing to see no matter how old this piece is it still grabs everyone attention. The beauty behind it within pattern and color intensify the painting. This painting is beyond different compared to other paintings in that time being and that's why this piece was chosen.
Art comes in all styles and this is considered graffiti. Some people don't find this as art, but it is. The colors and shape made this piece come alive. It has its own story on the wall where the world can see and that's why this piece was chosen.
The colors and exaggeration of this piece would grab anyone's attention from a mile away. On top of it, the way this artist used the use of shapes within color only makes this graffiti more exaggerated. That is the reason why this piece was chosen.
This picture was chosen because of its scenery. The city is colorful and bright. SHowing how the city never sleeps even at night. It's not a clear image, but it portrays a different view or perspective. Which shows what a town could look like in another viewers eyes.
This sculpture was chosen for this gallery because of the details this sculpture contains. It doesn't matter when it comes to color when the sculpture has wonderful details. When you look closely to the sculpture you'll not only see it's a human, but it's made out of nature such as leaves.
This sculpture was chosen because the amount of color and flowers made in this piece. The artist gathered fake flowers to create people floating. It's not only creative but different in the artistic world.
This picture is so busy yet it's the reason why this piece was chosen. There's so much going in the picture that it takes awhile to understand clearly what's going on within this piece. It's also beyond exaggerated in this piece which makes the colors be more alive to make it complete within the story that it tells.
This piece was chosen for the use of shapes. The shapes and color creates a relaxing feeling and allows the viewer to create a visual based on what the shapes form. The design is unique and it gives off a vibe that a coffee shop would contain this image. Multiple urban places have similar art pieces like this art piece shown because of it's creative image.
This piece was chosen because of the colors. They go well so together and it gives the audience a sense of Christmas wrapping paper. The pink can give off a cotton candy feeling. This picture has texture and the color give off emotion that the audience could create multiple things of what tis picture contains.
It's easy to tell where this piece was taken and what culture it involves with. The simplicity allows the picture to tell the story clearly its to travel to the temple. The colors shine brightly and gave the viewers a brighter idea on how the travel went through this piece.
This piece was chosen based on color and texture. If you look closely at this piece then you would see the green lines within the skeleton is fuzzy which makes a texture. The colors green and red goes well together. So this piece was well done even if it's simple.
The piece was chosen because it gives off a feel of wallpaper. In reality though it's an art piece. Each tree object is different with vibrant colors. It would instantly grab someones attention based on color. It's odd what the artist wanted the viewers to see because I think viewers can create a different meaning and visual by looking at it.
Credits: All media
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